An open mindset and a never ending thirst for something new will lead people to consume some of the best content available outside their geographical borders. Most people in fact are always looking for new content but get confused where to start. Word of mouth has exposed some of them to Asian Content but it has in most cases led to people sticking to one particular genre such as anime, Korean Movies, Japanese Drama etc. Having dabbled in all forms of Asian Content for a decade, I decided to share details of all the shows, movies and music that I believe have universal appeal and can serve as a good starting point for people to sample this ocean of amazing content.

I had been working for 7 1/2 years in the TV industry as an analyst and my last posting was as a Group Head – Consumer Insights for the #2 entertainment network in India before I took a sabbatical. So, out of personal interest, I will be posting some analysis with interesting insights once in a while. The idea is to showcase Asian Media to my peers who still think of age old story lines for drama and look towards west for variety shows.

A couple of other fellow patrons will be helping me post on this website. Together we will be posting write-ups on Asian movies and TV shows highlighting the aspects that make them entertaining. Hopefully these posts will help many people discover and appreciate new content.

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